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 Collège La Grande Métairie   PLOUFRAGAN

Singin'in the rain

Publié le 6 Juin 2014 par collège in Élèves du collège


My favourite character is Kathy Selden because she is pretty, intelligent and has a lovely voice. She is a talented dancer and she is funny.

Patricia Guedes 6D





My favourite character is Lina Lamont because she is stupid, pretty, rich and she has a terrible voice !

Pauline Lesne 6D





Cosmo Brown is tall and he has red hair. He is very funny and agile. Cosmo is not very rich, but he is happy. He is a talented dancer and a great pianist. His father says to him : « Make them laugh » and … Cosmo makes us laugh !

Anaïs Duc-Martin 6D


My favourite character is Don Lockwood because he is an actor, a dancer and a stuntman. He is athletic, elgant and handsome.

Thomas Piriou 6D

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